Why We Only Install Parts We Sell
We get asked all the time to install parts that were bought elsewhere.  We wanted to explain why we do not install customer supplied parts and why you should buy from us if you want us for your build.

We Stand Behind Our Work
In the first couple years we were in business we tried to accommodate customers who wanted us to install their supplied parts, and after numerous problems and wasted time, we made the decision to stop. Our reputation rides on all our work, from the parts we supply to the work that is performed. We cannot stand behind a job when we do not know the source of where the parts come from or exactly what was ordered.  We also have relationships with the industry's top manufacturers and when we make a parts purchase that gives us the leverage to work directly with them when there is an issue with a part or its hardware; no manufacturer is perfect and while not frequent mistakes do happen.  We can typically get an issue resolved quickly without falling behind schedule.  If a customer brings in a part and there is a problem with it it falls on the customer to resolve the issue with whoever they purchased it from.  This leads to undue stress on the customer and will ultimately cause us to charge more for lost time.  In this scenario everyone loses; we choose not to operate that way.  

Professional Expertise

We are an authorized dealer for the top manufacturers in the industry.  Most reputable manufacturers back up their products with warranties.  By purchasing products from us you have the assurance and confidence that you are covered by the manufacturer's warranties and have us to support you in the event there is a claim; It happens and we want to be there to support you.  We've helped numerous clients work through serious warranty situations over the years that in many ways only ended favorably because of pressure applied to the manufacturer by us as a dealer.  We have the leverage to do so. 

Today’s vehicles are very complex and there are so many options and choices which makes parts selection extremely difficult. On top of that modifying vehicles like we do can be extremely dangerous to the customer and the general public if correct, high quality parts are not used.  Taking in parts from an unknown source leaves us exposed to a ton of unnecessary liability and our insurance regulations prohibit it.  They get more stringent and expensive every year and we must remain compliant.  

Counterfeits Are Everywhere
With a combined 40 years experience we know our market and the vendors who make the best quality products and stand behind them. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the consumer, there is so much junk as well as counterfeit parts in the automotive aftermarket. We’ve seen some great brands have fake knock off copies sold on auction websites and other low price websites and even the instruction sheets show the name of the good brand while the product is a complete fake and absolute junk. Without us knowing the source of the supplier we don’t know what the product is and if there is a catastrophic failure our reputation, business and livelihood is on the line.  We won't take that risk.

Wrong parts costs everyone time and money
Many times parts were ordered wrong or came incomplete when customers would bring their own parts. Nobody wants to pay for us to get a few hours into an install and find out that the product doesn’t fit. This wastes everyone’s time and money. Allowing us to get the products and install them assures you that we will stand behind the job and that there will be no finger pointing. We will meet or beat comparable prices so you can be assured you are getting the best value for your hard earned money. There are some exceptions we can make, such as for tires and wheels, although again there is risk involved here; many wheels and tires come pre-mounted and often are not balanced properly or are damaged in shipment.  Other times they come with tire pressure sensors that are defective or not programmable to the vehicle they were intended for.  Lifts of 4" and bigger on IFS half ton trucks all require specificly sized and backspaced wheels for proper fitment; if these criteria are not met you may be buying another set of wheels and having them remounted before your truck can be completed.  All of these issues will end up costing you time and money in the long run. 

The number one reason customers buy parts elsewhere is they think they are getting a deal or saving money.  In most cases they are not.  As the old saying goes, if something is too good to be true it probably is.  Reputable manufacturers all have strict Minimum Advertised Pricing policies that authorized dealers like us must adhere to in order to maintain our dealer status which means most parts out there are going to be sold at the same price; we strictly honor these policies.  The manufacturers implemented these policies to prevent dealers from undercutting each other and to maintain the value and integrity of their brand.  We see weekly emails of blacklisted shops, online sites, and retailers for violating these policies.  Many on these lists are well known shops or sites yet they've lost their dealer status which means if they continue to try and sell that particular manufacturer's parts, there is no warranty.  E-Bay and Amazon are the two worst places to buy parts if manufacturer's support and warranties are of any importance to the customer.  Both sites are rampant with pricing policy violations and out right fraud; many sellers list that they are the manufacturer selling the parts direct at wholesale prices; this is almost never the case and if your parts show up incorrect or incomplete you will be stuck.    

Please don’t ever hesitate to ask us questions or discuss this matter with us. We want and appreciate your business and will work to earn it and keep it. We want you to enjoy your vehicle, the experience, and we always strive to give you the best products and service so you have a reliable, functional, safe and fun vehicle. We’ve been doing this since 2012, have over 40 years combined expertise, and our reputation and your trust in us is paramount.